Mobile SEO

Do you have a Mobile SEO marketing strategy? Mobiles have overtaken desktop PC as the primary device for website access and according to Google people are five times more likely to leave a site if it isn't mobile friendly, or if it takes more than three seconds to load. Perhaps your website is already responsive, but make sure its optimised for mobile devices to ensure you reach all those potential customers.

E-commerce: Anchoring & Ordering

Anchoring describes the common human tendancy to rely heavily on the first piece of information offered when making decisions.  This information is then used as a reference point to make subsequent judgements. You can utilise anchoring to great effect in e-commerce. For example, if you sell laptops on your website, put the most expensive one at the top of the list, the next one down will instantly look more affordable.

Alan Ruddock Engineering

Alan Ruddock Engineering produce highly crafted and precision engineered milling equipment for the distilling and brewing industry. They pride themselves in the quality of workmanship and a bespoke service that sets them above their competitors.

Alan Ruddock have a well-known brand widely recognised within their marketplace and needed a professional brochure website that showcased both their products and their extensive client portfolio of national and international clients.

The Wild Duck

The Wild Duck is a dynamic brochure website that showcases a Norfolk coastal holiday home in a unique environment. The website was designed to ooze tranquillity and relaxation using a soft modern colour palette evocative of a seaside location.

Fully responsive and retina ready the website views beautifully in a wide range of browsers and a wide range of devices for leisurely viewing.

This website also boasts integration of a third party availability calendar that allows the client to track and manage their bookings as well as a local guide, gallery and quick contact form.

RSA Pest Management

RSA Pest Management Services provide comprehensive and effective solutions for all types of pest issues found in domestic, commercial and agricultural environments throughout Suffolk. They needed a professional brochure website that showcased their services, but also emphasised their discreet approach and appealed to potential customer sensitivities sometimes linked with pest control.